The Data Mining Experiment database (DMEX-DB) is a semantic knowledge repository built upon the Data Mining Optimization Ontology (DMOP) that allows to represent with formal concepts any DM experiment. The DMEX-DB has been built upon the OWLIM RDF database management system, and provides semantic web functionalities for multi-purpose applications such as SPARQL querying of the DM experiments, or pattern extraction for meta-mining.


This installation requires a working JDK, apache maven 2 and a version of RapidMiner 5.

TODO: Please add links to Java, Maven.


  • Extract the provided archive in the directory of your choice and replace in the "pom.xml" file the string "/home/nabil/Sources/rapidminer/Vega/lib/rapidminer.jar" (without the quotes) with the path to your rapidminer.jar.
  • Open a terminal and open ("cd") that directory. Type in the following commands:
    $ mvn install:install-file -Dfile=lib/tar.jar -DartifactID=tar -Dversion=2.5
    $ mvn install:install-file -Dfile=lib/owlim-lite-4.3.jar -DgroupID=com.ontotext -DartifactID=owlim-lite -Dversion=4.3
    $ mvn clean package
    This will create a jar named in the subdirectory target.
  • To run the software you need to be in the correct directory, and run the following command
    (followed by a list of arguments):
    $ java -jar target/
  • We will call this command $dmexdb from now on